F3200 8 to 64 Zone
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Last Updated
27 Jul 2021
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1 unit

Specification of F3200 8 to 64 Zone

The F3200 is a self-contained, modular, microprocessor based FIP which
performs the functions of the c.i.e. as specified by AS 4428. It has a high degree
of flexibility and expandability, catering for medium to very large buildings. A
single panel may have up to 64 zones and a network system may have up to 64
panels, can be fitted with 64 zone LED and supports AS 1668 fan controls and
gas release. The F3200 detector circuit electronics caters for a wide range of
detectors, It also caters for interfacing to Intrinsically safe circuit barriers/isolators
(hazardous areas), long line circuits eg. from a sub-indicator FIP and tamper-proof
circuits. The CSIRO ActivFire Listings are: afp-789 (Tyco), afp-1421 (Simplex).
Part Numbers
FP0780 8 zones fitted, 24 zone capacity 3A PSU
FP0781 8 zones fitted 64 zone capacity 3A PSU
FP0782 8 zones fitted 24 zone capacity, no cardframe 6A PSU
FP0783 8 zones fitted 64 zone capacity, incl cardframe 6A PSU
FP0784 8 zones fitted 32 max small cab 3A PSU
LT0250 F3200 Operator’s Manual
LT0121 F3200 Technical Manual
LT0255 F3200 Congifuration & Install Manual
LT0256 F3200 Programming Manual
LT0130 F3200 Presentation Drawings (AutoCAD)
LT0135 F3200 Architects Specification A4
FP0553 8 zone input expansion kit
FP0554 8 relay expansion kit
FP0795 Network Upgrade Kit (AS4428) {incl. SF0222,LT0330,PA0773}
FP0731 RDU to NDU upgrade kit
FP0749 3A to 6A PSU upgrade kit
FZ3031 FP0475 Disp. Extender Kit incl 1.2m FRC
FZ9028 3U AIU/PPU Bracket & Loom
FP0475 Display Extender kit incl 0.5m FRC
KT0072 Cardframe upgrade kit
KT0157 FIP v1.xx to v2.xx upgrade kit
KT0177 RDU u/g for PA0495 controller
KT0419 Stick-on 3U A4 Document Holder (30 deep) for 18U to 40U cabinets
KT0469 Stick-on 3U A5 Document Holder (20 deep) for 15U cabinets
CL0423 Transformer 240V 2.5A 31V RMS
FA1223 FAB 1931-1-1 keypad membrane (AS1603.4)
FA2150 4U keypad membrane overlay (AS4428)
ME0060 Display Door 1901-79
ME0098 Hinged AS 4428 control pnl assy incl PCB no s/w
ME0444 4U door & AS4428 keypad (no PCB)
PA0491 PCB 1931-3 3A MAF/PSU (AS1603)
PA0873 PCB 1931-3-3 3A MAF/PSU (AS4428)
PA0703 PCB 1931-27 Remote I/F
PA0798 PCB 1931-84-2 RZDU Ctrl/Disp
PA0804 PCB 1931-84-1 Ctrll NDU no s/w
PA0809 PCB 1931-2 MAF PSU 6A
PA0810 PCB 1931-44 6A FET & Rect
PA0909 PCB 1931- 111-1 F3200 4428.1 Ctrl, no s/w
SF0286 Software AS4428 Controller/Network/NDU V4.02 EPROM
SW0030 F3200 Door Switch Assembly
SW0121 PSU Main Switch F3200 DPST 6A 250VAC

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f3200 8 upto 64.pdf



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