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Simplex Fire Alarm Panel Type 4100Es
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Last Updated
08 Dec 2020
Country Origin
American Samoa
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1 Unit

Specification of Simplex Fire Alarm Panel Type 4100Es

Fire Alarm Control Panel Simplex Type : 4100ES

Simplex 4100ES addressable fire alarm control panels support up to 2,500 addressable points, fire alarm and emergency voice communications, and peer-to-peer networking operation. With its scalable design flexibility, 4100ES panels are ideal for medium to large facilities and multi-building campus style networks.  All Simplex addressable panels rely on TrueAlarm addressable detectors.



  •     Next-generation life-safety platform delivers added power, Internet connectivity and remote service capabilities -Simplex led the industry with the 4100U system. Now, with the 4100ES platform, we’ve added a suite of technology and service improvements that can make everyone’s job easier, from contractors to facility managers and building owners, by improving serviceability, reducing costs and saving time.
  •     Secure storage for improved access and compliance - Our Mass Storage Device stores and archives vital data within the panel, such as system software programs, as-built drawings for the fire alarm system, inspection/test reports and other critical site information. No extra cabinets are needed in the control room, and everything is within easy reach. Plus, the Mass Storage Device is supervised so you can be alerted in the event of removal or failure.
  •     Easier installation and upgrades - Projects that require a phased installation can leverage the benefits of Install Mode. While in this mode, the 4100ES will provide a single system trouble alert for points that are programmed in the system but haven’t yet been wired—or are wired but not yet commissioned.
  •     Increased connectivity helps reduce downtime - With TrueInsight Remote Service, the 4100ES system maintains a constant, highly secured central station connection. The technology enables our remote service center to be notified in the event of a trouble condition. Specialized service technicians can then perform a remote diagnosis of the system issue – an advancement that helps reduce maintenance time, service visits and business disruption.​
  •     TrueAlert Addressable Appliance Compatible - The 4100ES system can directly control Simplex's revolutionary new TrueAlert addressable notification appliances via the new on-board IDNAC SLCs.

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