TrueAlert ES Multi Candela Addressable Appliances

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of TrueAlert ES Multi Candela Addressable Appliances

TrueAlert ES Multi-Candela Addressable Appliances

Simplex TrueAlert ES is the new line of intelligent, fully addressable notification appliances from Simplex. We’re the first in the industry to bring the benefits of fully addressable technology to notification systems. TrueAlert ES is highly flexible, cost-effective and easier to design, install, maintain and expand. Constant electronic supervision of the notification system and revolutionary self-testing capability help ensure that appliances will work when needed and helps buildign owenrs avoid tedious after-hours manual testing.


TrueAlert ES notification provides more value and lower costs for engineers, installing contractors and building owners. Plus, this groundbreaking technology is the latest addition to eServices -- our suite of life-safety system management tools that’s helping us advance safety and security




  • Better protection - Addressable technology gives TrueAlert ES notification appliances the intelligence to report their location (the device ‘address’) and status to Simplex 4100ES fire alarm control panels. Each appliance is supervised, improving protection and giving facility managers and system operators the confidence of knowing all their notification appliances are ready to perform in an emergency.

  • Less disruption to business operations - Addressable notification means less disruption of operations and more business continuity. TrueAlert ES appliances feature built-in light and sound sensors that allow the fire alarm control panel to detect the operation of the strobe and sounder and confirm whether the device operated properly. Testing is initiated from the panel and appliance operation is verified via the sensors and without technicians having to manually test each appliance. This means testing can be performed any time day or night without disrupting building occupants and operations. TrueAlert ES appliances are the only ones in the industry with this advanced testing capability.

  • More design and expansion flexibility - TrueAlert ES provides the industry’s most flexible wiring architecture. System designers have more freedom, can go further with less wire, and will encounter fewer design roadblocks. TrueAlert ES is highly scalable, so the system can grow and expand as buildings change and life-safety needs evolve.

  • Faster, easier installation - TrueAlert ES addressable technology makes it possible to cut installation time by up to one third. TrueAlert ES appliances can be installed with smaller gauge, unshielded wiring and its flexible architecture helps avoid wiring mistakes so there are fewer installation headaches.

  • Lower costs - TrueAlert ES appliances can cut installation costs by up to 50% compared to conventional notification systems. Appliances operate at low current draws, which increases wiring distances by up to 300% and enables more appliances to be connected per circuit. The flexible wiring architecture of TrueAlert ES means fewer power supplies, notification appliance circuit (NAC) cabinets, and batteries are needed. Building owners can also cut their operational costs through constant electronic supervision of the notification system and hands-free testing capability, which helps eliminate costly after-hours testing.

  • Simplex TrueStart Test Instrument - This handheld wiring verification tool that provides contractors with a , safe, and effective means to test notification appliance circuits for wiring faults, identify addressing errors, and quickly troubleshoot problems. Click Here to learn more about how the TrueStart Instrument can help comlete projects in less time and reduce labor costs.

  • Stronger documentation and reporting capabilities - The addressability of TrueAlert ES provides powerful documentation and reporting capabilities for the notification system. Device information and test history is stored and can be easily retrieved from a Simplex 4100ES panel to generate reports for compliance officials. ​


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